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October 09, 2023

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The final day of The Apollo’s [at] The Intersection: A Festival of Arts and Ideas did not disappoint. From Kerry Washington to Carla Hall, Jordan E. Cooper and beyond, today was a day of celebration. With audiences leaving inspired to harness the power of our ancestors, our resources, and the community around us to continue to exemplify the greatness of who we are and who we will be.

  1. Stefon Harris “Our ancestors left a blueprint in this art form of jazz.”
  2.  Liesl Tommy: “My fear is What I leave standing  in my wake and what I crush and what I let live”
  3.  Nikole Hannah-Jones: “You can both recognize that there are other people whose lives are harder than yours and also see the tax that it has on you.”
  4.  Dominique Morissau: “My frustration is that I [am] really tired of [the] gatekeeping of Broadway. having to go outside of  my people to get back to my people about my stories.”
  5.  Michael Harriot: “They have concocted many ways to kill you and I don’t know what the alternative is other than to live.”
  6.  Ghetto Gastro: “The revolution needs to be financed, we’re about extracting the value we create and put it back in our families.”
  7.  Carla Hall: “I think about the people who look like me who watch me because I want to inspire you because I don’t want to be the only one.”
  8.   Stephen Satterfield: “So many of the things that ail us are things that require us to reclaim our ancestral knowledge.”
  9.  Ta-Nehisi Coates: “Writing is a solitary thing. We spend so much time by ourselves…. So that when we encounter challenges, be that criticism or personal stuff you are going through, we can sometimes forget that we are a part of something larger and that was the genesis of this festival. I wanted to see all of these brilliant minds, brilliant artists, brilliant thinkers  in one place.”
  10. Kerry Washington: “You start with the truth of the character and in order to honestly become that person you have to ask yourself what part of me relates to that truth and expose that part of me binds to that truth.”

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Scene & Heard [at] The Intersection

Scene & Heard
[at] The Intersection

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