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October 08, 2023

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The Apollo invited thought leaders, creatives, and artists of all kinds to our inaugural [at] The Intersection Festival today and the conversations were hot! With major discussions on Art and Activism featuring Bisa Butler, Finding Humor in the Absurd with Radah Blank and so much more, our hearts and minds were full of joy, introspection and inspiration. Here’s a list of our top 10 gems the panelists delivered throughout day 1.

  1. Barry Jenkins: “I tell [young folks] (1) make it personal and (2) no one owes you anything” 
  1. Barry Jenkins: “Ask that person how did that team grow? Why did you decide to  advance with your people instead of trying to get ahead of them?” 
  1. Sage Adams: “Artists and creative directors draw from reference…so what you’re trying to make has to come from somewhere but when the world doesn’t look like you it’s hard to [find a point of reference to draw from]” 
  1.  Bisa Butler: “My work is about…I may not know this person, but this person is loved and I want to give them the love and respect they deserve so that when they look at them they see the respect I give them and it’s a mirror to myself that I love this person and I love their work” 
  1. Dr. Fahamu Pecou: “From the ages of 18-28 years old, I went through my life anticipating my demise and I realized that a lot of that was influenced by the visual artists around me…I realized my ability to reshape that narrative for those around me” 
  1. Ernestine White-Mifetu: “Look to the past to be inspired and remember the pain but also look to the present and the future” 
  1.  Nia Drummond: “Intersection, meaning there’s a place where two places meet like an “x” we’re at a place where the past and present are meeting again where they knew 200 years ago about the soul of the Negro spiritual and they wanted to not let it be recorded to this day. Thinking about the Intersection now with books and movies being banned to tell the truth of what is happening in present day. At the Intersection meaning we need to address these things because it’s important for our future” 
  1.  Bridgit Antoinette Evans: “If we hope to normalize our Black future and center Black culture as the cultural force that will always push America forward, we can’t just write our one song, make our one field, we have to work together in a collaborative space and create a narrative power movement.” 
  1. Radha Blank:  “I would encourage artists to DIY. When you develop that strength and confidence you can challenge people who tell you [you have to do something a certain way].” 
  1. Luvvie Ajay Jones: “We are constantly waiting for gatekeepers to open the doors for us. When you create a door I can’t walk through, I’m gonna create my own door.”

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Scene & Heard [at] The Intersection

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[at] The Intersection

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